A few copies of the final printing are available.

Liepe Lineage is the story of the Liepe Family told in words and pictures.  It begins with our Germanic ancestors in the 1700s.  It concludes with the celebration of the 150th year of the family in South Jersey on June 29, 2013.

In these busy times, we often forget the hardships and sacrifices of our ancestors.  We have a heritage of which we can be proud, and that heritage should be passed down to our children.  It's harder for them to know where they're going if they don't know where they came from.

The book has:

The emphasis of the book is on the 1,300 South Jersey family descendants.

The final printing of Liepe Lineage will occur during October 2013.  The book is available only to family members for its out-of-pocket cost – mostly printing and binding – at $40 plus shipping.  
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Printable Order Form

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