Liepe "German" Ancestors

At least among the New Jersey branch of the family, we say that our family is from Germany.  This is true according the present boundaries in Europe.  However, the Liepes included in this website emigrated from the city of Osnabrück, which was then in the Kingdom of Hanover.  Their mother, Margarethe Engle Menke, was Hanoverian.  Their father, Andreas Friedrich Liepe, was from Berlin and thus Prussian.

Much of the information we have about our family in Osnabrück comes from my grandparent's visit there in 1929. At that time, George Henry Liepe visited the family church and acquired the family tree pictured here.  

For the New Jersey Liepes, their more-immediate German ancestors are shown on this simplified chart.

How, when, or why Andreas Friedrich Liepe, born in the Kingdom of Prussia, came to live in the Kingdom of Hanover is unknown.  These were not only separate countries, but it was also a great distance to travel at the turn of the 19th century.

Research in Berlin during 2010 and early 2011 has resulted in the discovery of the baptismal record for Andreas Friedrich Liepe b. 1788.  This record from the Evangelische St. Marien church near the present day Alexanderplatz in central Berlin the translates as follows:

Left margin: Extramarital (illegitimate), no. 10.left side: Baptism on 18 Feb
Andreas Friedrich.  The father was Andreas Liepe, citizen and brewer, the mother was Maria Kochen, a son outside of marriage, born on 3 Feb 1788 3 PM.
The godparents were:
1. Herr Schultze, coach driver (carrier, carriage man).
2. Hans Joseph Bedminton? (Badwinter?, Bedwinter?).
3. Spinster (unmarried woman) Ficken.
Preacher Zöllner.

There are no other immediate family records at this church.  And a search of the citizenship records for Andreas Liepe proved unproductive.

Researchers in Berlin found the following in June 2011:

Source: Genealogisches Jahrbuch herausgeg. von der Zentralstelle für Personen- und Familiengeschichte (Genealogical Year Book), Band (Volume) 6/7 - 10, 1967-1970
"Preußische Soldaten und Soldatensöhne als Bürger von Berlin 1701–1813"
(Prussian Soldiers and Sons of Soldiers as Citizens of Berlin 1701-1813)
LIEPE, Andreas; Bürger seit 03.03.1785 (citizen since 3 Mar 1785)
Brauer (brewer)
*Butzow b. Brandenburg, luth., 40 J.;
(Born in Butzow, State of Brandenburg, Lutheran, 40 years)
Vater: Joachim LIEPE, Ackersmann  (Father: Joachim Liepe, farmer)
Wo gedient: 22 J. Rgt. Braun, entlassen 18.02.1785 wegen Brustschadens.
(Where served: 22 J. Regiment Braun, released 18 Feb 1785 because of chest injury)

As a result of this finding, further research was conducted in Brandenburg during July and August, 2011.  Unfortunately, this work did not lead to a clear line of ancestry.  There are scores of Liepe families in this general area of the State of Brandenburg during the 1700s – including in Butzow, Riewend, and Mützlitz.  But there are none with father Joachim and son Andreas within the possible range of dates.  Further research might make a connection, but no work is underway at this time.

Thanks are offered to primary researcher Eckhard Hensel and Brandenburg researcher Guido Gericke for their work.  Gericke's findings are included here for those who may wish to pursue the Brandenburg research further.  In addition, special thanks are offered to Andreas Krüger, a Liepe descendent in Mützlitz, Brandenburg, for his help with this research effort.

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