Happy Anniversary

It was a special day, this golden wedding anniversary.  They had bested the odds, John and Sophie, and were ready for the party to begin.  Dressed in their finest, they posed for the photographer who would memorialize this event.

John and Sophie began their lives together in Bridesburg, Philadelphia, on the 25th day of March, 1884.  It was a warm spring Tuesday, about 60 degrees, with none of the rain from the week before.  The weather was cooler for this 50-year celebration – only 46 degrees on the day of 1934's last frost.  But their hearts were as warm as ever.

Guests began arriving at the farm on the old Harding Highway from near and far.  Oldest son George arrived from the city, as did his baby sister "Tutse" from a farm nearby – six of their brood and grandchildren age 1 (Bertram) to 24 (George).  ...


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